Upcoming Programs

Guest: Dr. Rob Dunn, Associate Professor of Biology, North Carolina State University
Topics: Rob’s new book, The Man Who Touched His Own Heart: True Tales of Science, Surgery, and Mystery, activities in Rob’s lab

March 11, 2015
Guest: Dr. Tim Reddy, Assistant Professor of Genome Sciences, Duke University Medical Center
Topics: Gene regulation and recent human evolution, mechanisms of action by glucocorticoid anti-inflammatory drugs

March 18, 2015
Guest: Dr. Don Rose, Executive Director, Carolina KickStart
Topics: Carolina KickStart (UNC tech transfer program), commercialization of innovations, Don’s career in pharmaceutical research, venture capital, and academia

April 22, 2015
Guest: Dr. Melissa Price, VP of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs, Heat Biologics, Inc., Durham
Topic: Heat Biologics, a clinical-stage company focused on developing its proprietary “ImPACT” (Immune Pan-Antigen Cytotoxic Therapy) adjuvant technology for use in a number of oncology and infectious disease indications

April 29, 2015
Guest: Dr. Richard Di Giulio, Professor of Environmental Toxicology, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University; Director, Superfund Research Center (SRC); Director, Integrated Toxicology and Environmental Health Program (ITEHP)
Topics: Use of fishes as models for research on impacts of environmental contaminants, linkages between human and ecological health, the effects of nanomaterials on vertebrate development, impacts of fossil fuel extraction, use and disposal on human ecological health, SRC, ITEHP

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