Cloned pigs and growth

Guest: Dr. Jorge Piedrahita, Professor of Genomics, Department of Molecular Biomedical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, NC State University
Topics: Cloned pigs yielding important human genetic information; implications for intrauterine growth restriction, a low birth weight condition affecting 5-8% of human births; “imprinted” genes

Dr. Jorge Piedrahita, Professor of Genomics, NCSU College of Veterinary Medicine

Jorge’s NCSU CVM page

Information on Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)


Agile’s proprietary formula for biofilm dispersion, re-sensitizing drug-resistant bacteria to conventional antibiotics

Guests: Dr. Christian Melander and Dr. John Cavanagh, NC State University; co-founders, Agile Sciences, Inc.

Dr. John Cavanagh (left), Dr. Christian Melander (right), NCSU & Agile Sciences, Inc.

Agile Sciences, Inc.

Cavanagh Lab – NCSU Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

Melander Lab at NCSU