Oxygen Biotherapeutics’ oxygen therapy products in development for traumatic brain injury, stroke, heart attack, and many other biomedical applications

Guests: Dr. Chris Stern, Chairman and CEO, and Deb Thompson, Sr. VP Clinical Affairs, Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc., Durham

Dr. Chris Stern, Chairman & CEO, Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.
Deb Thompson, Sr. VP, Clinical Affairs, Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc.

DERMACYTE Oxygen Concentrate Gel


Sex determination in the human embryo and “the bipotential gonad,” drivers of sex determination in animals

Guest: Dr. Blanche Capel, Professor, Department of Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center


Dr. Blanche Capel, Professor of Cell Biology, Duke University Medical Center

The Capel Lab

Ernie’s 2005 Environmental Health Perspectives cover story, “Are EDCs Blurring Issues of Gender?”