Medical & Science Journalism

Guest: Dr. Tom Linden, Glaxo Wellcome Distinguished Professor of Medical Journalism, School of Journalism and Mass Communications, UNC-Chapel Hill; Director, UNC Medical & Science Journalism Program
Topics: Tom’s career in medical broadcast journalism, the UNC Medical & Science Journalism Program, Tom’s book, The New York Times Reader: Health & Medicine

Dr. Tom Linden

UNC Medical & Science Journalism Program

Dr. Tom Linden biography

Amazon page for Tom’s book, NY Times Reader: Health & Medicine – buy it here!

Dr. Tom Linden’s Health Blog

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo May 30, 2012


Personal Genomics

Guest: Dr. Misha Angrist, Duke University Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy
Topic: Misha’s book, Here Is a Human Being: At the Dawn of Personal Genomics – his story of being one of the first people to have his genome sequenced

Dr. Misha Angrist

Misha’s IGSP faculty page

genomeboy – Misha’s PLoS blog

Misha’s Amazon author page – buy his book here!

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo May 2, 2012