Computational Robotics

Guest: Dr. Ron Alterovitz, Assistant Professor of Computer Science; Director, Computational Robotics Research Group, UNC-Chapel Hill
Topics: Medical robotics, home assistance robotics


Dr. Ron Alterovitz

UNC Computational Robotics Group

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo June 19, 2013


The Genius of Dogs

Guest: Dr. Brian Hare, Associate Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology; Member, Center for Cognitive Neuroscience; Director, Duke Canine Cognition Center, Duke University; Co-founder, Dognition
Topics: Brian’s and Vanessa Woods’s new book, The Genius of Dogs, the new company Dognition


Dr. Brian Hare

Amazon site for The Genius of Dogs

Brian’s website


Duke Canine Cognition Center

Click to Download: Radio In Vivo June 5, 2013