Alzheimer’s and Immune Suppression

Guest: Dr. Carol Colton, Professor of Neurology, Duke University Medical Center
Topics: The immune system and Alzheimer’s disease, arginine deprivation, microglia, inflammation and immune suppression in the brain


Dr. Carol Colton


Carol’s Duke Department of Neurology faculty page

“Arginine Deprivation and Immune Suppression in a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease” – Journal of Neuroscience

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The immune system and the developing brain: developmental neuroimmunology

Guest: Dr. Staci Bilbo, director, Developmental Neuroimmunology Lab, Duke University
Topics: Developmental neuroimmunology, the presence of immune cells (microglia) in the brain, impact on health and behavior later in life

Dr. Staci Bilbo

Duke Developmental Neuroimmunology Lab

Staci Bilbo research profile, Duke Institute for Brain Sciences

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